» Sponsored research and development
(A) Refracast Metallurgical Pvt. Ltd. an innovative metallurgical company has sponsored a cooperative project for extraction of precious metals from a variety of industrial wastes. This is being undertaken in collaboration with DIMAT, a sister institution in the DISHA family.
(B) A project entitled “Organoselenium substituted macrocyclic and macroacyclic ligands: New and versatile multisite ligands for the assembly of mono and multimetallic systems” has been sanctioned by DRDO and is in progress.
(C) A proposal on “Organoselenium substituted macroacyclic ligands: Synthesis, characterization and reactivity” has been sanctioned by CGCOST.
(D) A proposal on “Determination of the parameters affecting heat transfer between ground and fully or partially underground structures” has been sanctioned by CGCOST.
(E) A proposal on “Selenium bearing unsymmetrical macroacyclic and macrocyclic ligands: Synthesis and reactivity” has been submitted to DRDO for financial support.
(F)Research project proposal on “Technology development for future biofuel Biohydrogen” has been submitted to DST for support.
(G) Efforts to secure projects/consultancies in the area of energy conservation and renewable energy (particularly solar energy) utilization are underway in collaboration with experts at DIMAT, Devi Ahilya University and IIT, Delhi. Specifically a proposal on "Simulation of heat transfer between ground and underground structures" has been submitted to CSIR for financial support.
(H) A proposal on “Physics and applications of electron rich dusty plasmas” has been approved by ISRO for financial support.